The Best Business Management Software for Architects

There is a strong argument that while technology can help architects, it cannot replace them. Hence the need for project software for architects. One area where technology can help architects do their jobs better is project management. By using the best business management software for architects, they can remove a significant amount of work from their heads. Read this article to get more information!

Benefits of using business management software for architects

Improved efficiency: Business management software can streamline many processes, such as project management, scheduling, and invoicing. This can help architects save time and be more productive.

– Better organization: With business management software, architects can keep all their project-related information in one place, including client details, project timelines, and budgets. This can help them stay organized and avoid errors or oversights.

– Increased profitability: By using business management software to track project costs and expenses, architects can ensure they are staying within budget and pricing their services appropriately. This can help increase profitability over time.

– Better decision-making: Business management software can provide architects with valuable data and insights, such as project performance metrics and financial reports. This information can help architects make informed decisions about their businesses and projects.

The Best business management software for architects

BQE Core

A software called BQE Core was created with architects in mind. It has a variety of features, some of which were brought over from ArchiOffice. BQE was created with the intention of saving you time so you can concentrate on the architectural elements of your project. Time tracking, invoicing, analytics dashboards, document management, HR choices, mobile applications (for Android and iOS), ASI integration (architect’s supplemental instructions), and other features are among the many that come with BQE.

BQE Core


While not aimed towards architects explicitly, TeamGantt might be a great choice if you currently use Gantt charts. You may simply build Gantt charts to use with any architecture project because of the interface’s ease of use. You may use the drag-and-drop functionality of the web-based application to generate straightforward and simple-to-use charts for any part of your project management responsibilities. You can quickly connect with everyone on the team, keep track of what each team member is working on, check who is available, and measure time spent on projects and deadlines.


The latter offers a wide range of automation tools including marketing, development and CRM, as well as a useful project management tool. This project management solution is easy to use and intuitive and can help you plan and track projects and enable a high degree of collaboration among team members. The beauty of the Monday solution is that you can automate repetitive and boring tasks that are often time-consuming and can distract from more important tasks.
Monday also offers all the integrations you could need or want, including Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Gmail, Excel, and more.


Eero Saarinen created the Finnish firm Taimer in 2008, and it is currently active in numerous nations. It is an all-inclusive project management solution that smoothly combines all procedures into a single central hub.

In addition, it allows users to create subprojects within projects, allowing for easy work monitoring. In addition to administrative management, it also has money management features. The latter helps to control the budget and paints a realistic picture of allocated versus actual costs. A unique feature of Taimer is its excellent customer service and Android/iOS app. They also provide connectivity with third-party software programs like Hubspot and Quickbooks as well as premium add-ons, making accounting, invoicing, and other processes simple.


business management software for architects

Project boards, file storage, and task registration are just a few of the tools available in Basecamp, a solution for internal communication and project management.
To-do lists, message boards, calendars and timetables, file and document storage, choices, and other features and functions for collaboration, document management, and task management are all included in the program. Its recognizable hill graph is excellent for spotting issues or hazards and visually tracking project progress.

Architect Software Comparison Criteria

  • User Interface (UI): Are the UI and UX easy to understand at a glance? Is the layout intuitive and well-designed?
  • Usability: Does the software have an easy-to-manage learning path with lots of training materials, like white papers, wikis, video tutorials, and webinars? Does the software work on mobile devices?
  • Resource Management: Can this tool assist in planning and allocating resources to projects? Does this tool have the ability to view the capabilities and workloads of the architect and other team members and allow adjustments as needed?
  • Budgeting and accounting: Are there money management features included in project management tools that architects can benefit from, such as invoicing functions? Does this tool allow billable hours tracking and timesheets to track the amount of time spent on each project?
  • Integration: Is it easy to connect to other tools? Any built-in integrations or add-ons with software your company already uses, such as accounting or time management software?
  • Value for $: How does the price match the features, capabilities, and use cases? Are pricing clear, transparent and flexible?


Above are our picks of the best business management software for architects available on the market. Have you tried any of the architect’s PM software listed above? With that, we hope you found our list useful and that it helped you choose the right project management software for your architecture endeavors! We will be back soon with more informative guides.

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