Invoicera: Best standalone invoicing software for small business

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for free and user-friendly invoicing software for your small business? With today’s online business, sending invoices online and getting paid quickly is absolutely essential. Not only does it reduce manual entries and improve accuracy, but it also saves businesses time and money significantly. Today we will introduce to you Invoicera: Best standalone invoicing software for small business.

What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software is a tool that can automate invoicing activities for your business. It generates a list of services and products with their respective costs and sends it to the customer as an invoice. We all know that manual invoicing is prone to errors that lead to heavy losses. With the best invoicing software for small business, you can create and customize invoices, manage and process payments electronically, and generate reports that help you keep track of your finances and follow-up track bills without hassle.

The Overview of Invoicing software


Invoicera is an online invoicing and payment software that can be customized to your small business needs. This free cloud-based invoicing software automates your invoices so you can focus on other important business tasks. You can send payment reminders, manage your suppliers, customize invoice layouts to make them look more professional, and manage teams remotely with centralized data management.

The Overview of Invoicing software
The Overview of Invoicing software

Outstanding Features


Invoicera allows you to create invoices from predefined templates by designing your own custom templates. With Invoicera, you can invoice products or services and accept payments directly from your invoice. Invoices can also include signatures and attachments. Furthermore, Incoicera allows you to send payment reminders and charge late fees to apply to your bill.

Online payment

With your choice of payment gateways, you can be paid in a variety of currencies. Invoicera integrates with over 30 payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Alipay, FirstData, SagePay, PayGate, Forte, Authorize.Net, and Moneybookers.

Multi-business account

If you’re managing multiple businesses, you can create a separate dashboard for each business within an account. You can add as many businesses as you want, manage multiple employees, set custom access rights, and send multiple invoices at once to all businesses in one account.

Project management

Create and assign tasks to employees or customers, set task priorities, and track work hours with the built-in time tracker. You can attach billable times and add incidentals and important documents to the invoice.

Time tracking

Invoicera’s built-in time tracker lets you assign employee time to clients and projects. You can create timesheets for your employees weekly or monthly, share timesheet reports with clients, and analyze productivity with time-tracking reports.

Expense tracking

Through Invoicera, you can track your expenses and add attachments (such as a picture of a receipt). xls or.csv files can be used to import expenses as well. Invoicera also supports recurring expenses. You can assign specific costs to employees or customers and set up expense categories.

Mobile application

Use Invoicera mobile app to create and send invoices, track payments, and generate invoices anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet access. You can easily create and view PDF copies of invoices and email them to customers even on the go.  The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.


Generate different types of reports including profit and loss, tax, purchase order, and expense reports.

Customer Portal

Invoicera provides a simple, easy-to-use customer portal where customers can pay, print, export or dispute invoices, as well as accept, decline or comment on estimates.


Invoicera supports very basic inventory management. You can add basic item information and you can track item quantities and re-order items if you still want to generate invoices even if your inventory is at zero.

Default email notifications

You can customize default email notifications for new users, new invoices, new estimates, customer logins, bill payment notifications, estimated thank you notes, and bill payment reminders single.

Many languages

Invoicera offers multilingual invoicing, so you can send invoices in 16 different languages: English, Polish, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Western Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Croatian, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, and Finnish.

Why Invoicera is the Best standalone invoicing software for small business?

The benefits

Invoicera is especially good for companies that are looking for a standalone method of invoicing without the need for bookkeeping. Next, this software is great for freelancers with very few clients who need free invoicing. Besides, Invoicera also allows you to track billable hours, convert them to invoices and send them to your customers. Finally, Invoicera allows you to create and manage projects assigned to clients or employees and record project time to bill your clients. Invoicera also integrates with Basecamp, allowing you to upload all your Basecamp customers, employees, and projects to your Invoicera account.

Why Invoicera is the Best standalone invoicing software for small business?
Why Invoicera is the Best standalone invoicing software for small business?


Invoicera offers a Free subscription that allows any user to manage up to 3 clients. The customer has unlimited time to use this Free Trial. In addition to the free trial, Invoicera offers 3 different subscription plans:

  • Classic – $19.95
  • Business – $39.95
  • Infinite – $99.95

Customer Service

You can contact Invoicera’s support team by phone, email or support ticket. Invoicera also provides a knowledge base with step-by-step instructions, FAQs, and free webinar demos. Additionally, you may access some of their blogs and get in touch with them via their Facebook and Twitter pages.


If you are a small business that focuses on invoicing rather than bookkeeping, Invoicera is a better choice. Invoicera is the best invoicing software for small business. It’s easy to use and has some pretty impressive features such as multiple payment gateway options, multilingual invoicing, time and expense tracking, and automated bill scheduling and payments.

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