5 Best Free Inventory Management Software In 2023

Effective Inventory Management Software is key to keeping your business running smoothly, but it can be challenging to do so without the right tools. Fortunately, there are many free inventory management software options available that can help streamline your processes and save you time and money. In this article, Shopping Live will explore the five best free inventory management software solutions for 2023.

5 Best Free Inventory Management Software In 2023

Free Inventory Management Software: What Is It?

You can monitor your inventory levels, keep tabs on sales orders, and keep track of product availability with the use of free cloud-based inventory management software.

These SaaS apps are entirely free and provide a ton of capability. Many times, businesses who also provide premium tiers offer free inventory management software as part of their base or freemium plans. This implies that there is potential for your software to develop along with your business as it expands and you need more capabilities.

UpKeep – Best for manufacturing & plants

Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

You can manage your inventory and keep an eye on order fulfillment with the aid of the inventory control software UpKeep. The platform establishes a central location for your inventory counts so that you are aware of the precise position of every item and the quantity of stock that needs to be replenished. Although this solution doesn’t offer a mobile app specifically, it is mobile-optimized for the web, making it compatible with all mobile devices.

Why I choose: UpKeep is a thorough inventory management system that is excellent for any e-commerce firm, despite its ‘in-person’ services (such as technician planning and work orders). When stock levels are low, the software automatically updates your inventory counts and notifies you by email and push alerts. You can also manage many locations using the platform. They concentrate on manufacturing firms with many locations, enabling you to sell goods and spare parts online.

Zoho Inventory- Best for little companies with a single warehouse

Managing sales and purchase orders, keeping track of inventory changes, and listing your products on various sales channels are all made easier with the aid of the cloud-based inventory management platform Zoho Inventory. For all of your online sales, this solution establishes a single inventory system.

Why I Choose Zoho Inventory: Zoho Inventory keeps your inventory levels in sync across various channels by updating your inventory quantity once a transaction is made. The pre-built workflows in the software automate common tasks, including sales orders, purchase orders, and shipment tracking.

This solution’s use of thorough dashboards is one of its best features. The dashboards provided by Zoho Inventory give you more insight into your company and make it simple for you to view inventory changes and top sales.

inFlow Inventory – Best for data-driven companies

Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

You can track orders and stock levels with the use of the inventory software known as InFlow Inventory. Using a single platform, the program enables firms to manage their sales orders, purchase orders, and work orders. In addition to printing invoices and packing slips, businesses may create, manage, and track orders.

Why I choose:  InFlow Inventory: InFlow Inventory’s reporting tool is excellent and provides insightful data about your business. Businesses can track their inventory levels in real time using inFlow Inventory, so they always know how much stock they have available. Additionally, the platform offers a history of inventory levels, enabling companies to track patterns over time.

You may define product categories, keep track of any purchase orders and goods sent out for repair, manage returns, and maintain accurate sales records using InFlow Inventory. You can create an infinite number of users with various permission levels for your local network using this free inventory software. Two users cannot, however, alter the inventory simultaneously. The other users only have read-only access when one user is making changes.

Sortly – Best for ease of use

With the help of the inventory management tool Sort of. You can add products to your inventory, divide them up into different categories, and keep track of each sales order. The platform includes a great, simple-to-use interface and a layout that works with all mobile devices.

Why I Choose:  Sortly automates low stock alerts and date-based reminders for products with short warranties or expiration dates, making inventory control simple. You can also design unique dashboards to give you a bird’s-eye view of your company.

You are able to add one custom field to the free inventory software. As a result, you can create a special inventory category for goods that don’t fit in the standard fields. Businesses with distinctive products that are either ahead of their time or challenging to categorize can benefit from this.

Odoo Inventory – Best open source, free software for managing inventories

Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

Since its debut, the free and open-source Odoo inventory management system has racked up over 7 million users. Companies in a variety of manufacturing and selling sectors, including Toyota, Cox, Hyundai, and Danone, currently use them.

Why I Choose:  Odoo Inventory CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, and project management are just a few of the options that Odoo Inventory offers, all of which are renowned for their flexibility in adaptation. You can select the ones you require or combine them all for comprehensive business solutions.

Odoo Inventory is a complete inventory management and selling solution that, with a little bit of work, can be tailored to fit your specific needs. It can become the precise tool you require thanks to detailed documentation, open source roots, and a long range of integrations. Anything open-source and thus customizable will undoubtedly demand some more technical know-how. For those who have access to IT staff, Odoo performs best.


In conclusion, implementing a free inventory management software can help businesses of all sizes save time, reduce errors, and streamline their operations. By considering these five best free inventory management software options for 2023, you can find a solution that meets your business needs and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

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