5 Best Retail Management Software For Small Stores

If you’re a store owner looking to improve your business operations, investing in reliable Retail Management Software For Small Stores can be an effective solution. With the right software, you can automate routine tasks, track sales and inventory, and gain valuable insights into your business’s performance, all while delivering a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Today, Shopping.Live will recommend some software for that.

5 Best Retail Management Software For Small Stores


Retail Management Software For Small Stores
Retail Management Software For Small Stores

talech is a cutting-edge Retail Management Software For Small Stores solution created for both the restaurant and retail sectors, but its restaurant-specific features really stand out.

The company’s basic and medium pricing packages cater to a wide range of business types, including cafés, quick-service restaurants, fast food chains, and medium-sized merchants, while its premium pricing package is targeted at full-service restaurants, companies with multiple locations, and salons and spas.

Due to this, talech is an excellent fit for both small and large retail businesses.

Features of talech include:

  • Inventory control
  • Chart mapping
  • Online purchasing
  • Inactive mode
  • Customer service
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting

talech specializes in providing excellent customer service. The vendor offers live chat Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 24/7 phone support, 24/7 email assistance, and a knowledge base that includes tutorial videos, search functionality, and help articles.


Retail Management Software For Small Stores
Retail Management Software For Small Stores

In addition to bakeries, vineyards, booksellers, hardware stores, cafes, and liquor stores, KORONA POS is a retail point-of-sale system that is Retail Management Software For Small Stores and medium stores in a wide range of specialist sectors.

The POS dashboard of the system is highly adaptable and can be tailored to the requirements of each business.

Features of the KORONA POS standard plan include:

  • Inventory control
  • Rear office
  • Reporting
  • Customer service
  • The timer
  • Support for multiple locations and franchises

Instead of providing several price ranges, KORONA POS allows users to expand on their basic plan by adding modules that are appropriate for their particular business model. The monthly membership fee for KORONA POS includes comprehensive training, automatic system updates, and round-the-clock customer assistance. Each active POS terminal costs $49 per month.

Additionally, KORONA POS provides a number of helpful customer service options, including live chat, a comprehensive online user manual, 24/7 phone and email support, and numerous YouTube tutorial videos.

Retail Pro

Retail Management Software For Small Stores
Retail Management Software For Small Stores

Retail Pro is a locally installed Retail Management Software For Small Stores with a broad yet user-friendly feature set that includes point of sale, inventory, customer, and employee management features.

The system is a potent tool for large and enterprise firms. It was created for specialty retail businesses like fashion, beauty, electronics, luxury, jewelry, sporting goods, franchising, and venues.

The system is tailored to accommodate companies with regional needs, and this includes localized taxes and reporting support as well as system translation into local languages.

Although the system’s aesthetics are outdated, it does offer consumers a user interface that is simple to navigate, and the degree of customization enables users to design and create a retail system that is specific to and appropriate for them.

The bad news is that Retail Pro doesn’t provide a lot of pricing data. This is usually discouraging since prospective customers must negotiate the best possible price for themselves without knowing what other customers are paying for the same product.

Although we are unable to give a specific price, installing and configuring locally installed systems is usually expensive. This is in addition to the continuous expenditures on system upgrades and infrequent system updates.

Overall, Retail Pro is a robust system that has a lot to offer large and corporate firms in terms of functionality. The vendor has established a niche for this product in the retail industry over the course of more than 30 years of business. Unfortunately, the system is too complicated and costly for small enterprises to utilize.


Retail Management Software For Small Stores
Retail Management Software For Small Stores

For companies looking to combine the operations of their online and offline sales channels into a single solution, Agiliron is a multichannel commerce solution. Aimed at medium-sized, large-scale, and enterprise organizations, it is an excellent fit for Retail Management Software For Small Stores. Additionally, Agiliron provides free hosting for e-commerce sites.

Features of Agiliron include:

  • Inventory control
  • Multichannel business
  • POS
  • Support for both B2B and B2C businesses

The customer service choices offered by Agiliron are a little limited. Unlimited phone assistance is included in the Enterprise and Global Enterprise pricing plans, although it is only accessible Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time). Users can also email the vendor at any time with support requests, and the seller promises a 24-hour response time.

Epicor Retail Cloud

Retail Management Software For Small Stores
Retail Management Software For Small Stores

Epicor Retail Cloud is an enigma. Although Epicor is a well-known brand in the software industry, nothing is known about this retail product.

With just a few lines of marketing language describing the product, its website leaves a lot to the user’s imagination. Additionally, there are hardly any customer reviews to be found online. We discovered that, despite having a cutting-edge, elegant, and remarkably simple user interface, there aren’t any user evaluations since, well, nobody is using it.

The item is made for specialty retail establishments, including pet shops, thrift shops, and lawn and garden enterprises. It includes inventory management, integrated payment processing, customer loyalty features, and point-of-sale functionality.

Additionally, Epicor is silent regarding its pricing alternatives, making it impossible to determine which services users might anticipate receiving or whether there are several price tiers in addition to a flat rate.

However, we were pleased with the quality of onboarding user support. There are interactive tours, guided learning, and films to help customers onboard quickly, in addition to providing on-screen assistance and support for users across all of its capabilities.

The UI is among the most cutting-edge we’ve seen in a retail management solution in a while, and it is also well designed.

Since the product was introduced in 2019, we assume it hasn’t had a chance to get off the ground yet. Additionally, Epicor provides Epicor Eagle, a popular solution that retail organizations may find more appealing. Eagle is a more comprehensive retail solution.

Overall, Epicor Retail Cloud offers nicely designed software, but we wish its functionality would eventually prove to be just as practical and understandable as its user interface.


To boost efficiency, productivity, and sales, the stores can benefit from using one of the 5 best Retail Management Software For Small Stores available. These tools can help small business owners manage inventory, track sales, and improve the customer experience.

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