5 Best Free Property Management Software For Homeowners


You are a  Homeowner who is looking for asset and equipment management software to help avoid asset loss through efficient use and storage. The following article made by Shopping Live will summarize for you the Top 7 Best Free Property Management Software For Homeowners

What is Property Management Software For Homeowners?

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

Property management software For Homeowners is created to provide landlords and property managers with the resources they need to manage their properties both online and when on the road with their cellphones.

These characteristics can vary depending on the software and include:

  • Accounting
  • Payment for rent
  • Marketing Leasing
  • Screening
  • Maintenance supervision
  • Document preservation
  • CRM, etc…

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Property Management Software

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

Just like many other types of applications and tools, asset management software systems also have advantages and disadvantages during use.

1. Advantages

  • By maximizing assets, reducing loss and damage, standardizing asset use procedures, and enhancing job productivity, you may save expenses and increase asset efficiency.
  • It is a comprehensive solution that completely address utility activities such asset transfer, allocation, recovery, cost allocation, inventory, and liquidation for management.
  • Helping managers understand the utilization, amount, and state of assets in each department or branch; Quickly notifying requests for allocation, reporting damage, reporting loss,
  • Looking for assets in an easy method. Supporting enterprises in asset management and management in each individual department.

2. Disadvantages

  • Some property management software is free, but the vast majority of these systems are paid, so businesses will need to deduct costs for using this software.
  • Sometimes faulty software will lead to delays in production activities and the repair of company assets.
  • Currently, there are many types of property management software, and it is quite difficult to choose which type of system is suitable for the industry of the business. If you choose an incompatible management application, it will affect the business operation.

Why should we use property management software?

Some advantages provided by property management software include:
  • Manage assets effectively and scientifically: The enterprise’s asset monitoring system has a database that has been organized scientifically. As a result, the program makes asset management simple and efficient.
  • Improve the efficiency of asset inventories: With asset management software, you may inspect and track all of the company’s assets with just a few minutes of use of the program.
  • Real-time asset management: Since the majority of asset management software used today connects to the Internet, information is continuously updated in real time.
  • Quick assistance for looking up information about company assets: The asset management system makes it easier and faster to look up asset information than usual because it was scientifically built and connected to the Internet.

5 Best Free Property Management Software For Homeowners

After placing everything into suitable perspective, let’s review the top free property management software options.
The top five are as follows:

1. Stessa

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

Although consumers also claim the software is simple to use, Stessa offers a free plan that is genuinely free, so that alone makes it worthwhile to investigate.

However, Stessa’s feature set is exactly as constrained as those of the other free plans on our list.

Furthermore, Stessa is a tool for property financing only, not property management. As a result, even if you pay for their premium plan, its feature set is even more constrained.

Features of Stessa:
  • Paying rent online
  • Basic accounting instruments include expense reporting and tracking
  • Portal for owners

Pricing for Stessa

Stessa’s free plan is completely free; however, their premium plan, which includes services like rent analysis and market research, comes at a steep premium of $1,000 per month.

2. Innago

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

Innago provides a similarly unremarkable free alternative in comparison to several of the software choices on this list.

However, they have positive customer feedback, and consumers claim that the software is simple to use, making it a different choice that is worth taking into account.

Features of Innago

  • Paying rent online
  • Rudimentary accounting characteristics
  • Several leasing resources, including tenant screening and lease administration,
  • Maintenance equipment

Pricing for Innago

Innago’s price isn’t the most straightforward, and their pricing website strongly pushes the “free” idea. Except for $2 per ACH payment and 2.75% on debit and credit card payments, the plan is basically free.

3. Landlordy

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners
Landlordy has a basic free plan that is worthwhile to examine, if only for their useful mobile app.
But bear in mind that even in comparison to the other tools on this list, Landlordy’s free plan is extremely constrained and offers just a small number of practical functions.
Additionally, the price of their payment plans quickly increases while not offering many units for the price in order to access some of their more expensive features.

Features of a Landlordy

  • Rent can be paid online.
  • Rental and expense records
  • Text messaging for bills

Pricing of  Landlordy

Although Landlordy offers a free plan with some basic capabilities, many of its more potent features are only available as part of one of their paid plans.

Although it only offers up to 2 units, their basic premium plan is $14.99. Although only including up to 10 units, their Plus plan, the next tier higher, costs $49.99. The Pro package, which includes unlimited usage, is a hefty $99.99.

4. TenantCloud

 Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

Although TenantCloud offers a free plan, its main focus is on tools for property accounting.

Having said that, although it is sparse, several of its accounting functions, including notifications for late fees, are popular and valuable.

Features of TenantCloud:

  • Paying rent online
  • Notice of late fees
  • Supplier payments
  • Ownership portal

Pricing of  TenantCloud 

The free plan offered by TenantCloud has a maximum of 75 units. By upgrading to their Starter plan, you can get a few extra services, including tax reports, CRM tools, and an owner portal, for $12 or $40 a month.

5. Avail

Property Management Software For Homeowners
Property Management Software For Homeowners

The free plan from Avail is distinctive in that it offers an infinite number of units.

It is not transparent about the capabilities that their free plan offers, and you have to look around a bit to discover that ACH fees will cost you money.

It’s important to note that while Avail allows you to access some of the better premium features seen in other types of paid property management software, the cost of the upgraded plan is actually greater than average.

Features of Avail
  • Paying rent online
  • Maintenance supervision
  • Renter checking
Pricing of Avail
One interesting aspect of Avail’s free plan is that it offers an infinite number of units.
With that free option, you’ll be responsible for paying ACH costs; otherwise, you may upgrade to their Unlimited Plus plan for a whopping $5 per unit each month, which is far higher than the cost of the typical property management software.


The above article has summarized for you the TOP 5 free and best property management software. Hopefully the article will help you choose the right software to use in your work. Don’t forget to share if you find it useful and if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.


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