Top 4 Best Customer Relationship Management Software For Startups

Renowned applications like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Monday Sales CRM are among the top customer relationship management software for startups. With them, companies like yours can manage and organize all of their client data in one single area, nurture leads, automate the storage of lead and customer data, and create long-lasting partnerships. This increases your efficiency, client satisfaction, and overall sales by providing you with current information about where leads are in the buying process. Having said that, Sks100 has reviewed each of the top Customer Relationship Management Software for startups on the market in this article. Whatever your requirements, one of these will undoubtedly meet all of your wants for your company.

Top Customer Relationship Management Software For Startups

1. Salesforce – Best CRM Software for Startups Overall

Since its debut in 1999, Salesforce has become one of the most popular CRM platforms in the world, serving titans like Walmart, Amazon, Toyota, and American Express.

Your client relations will operate easily because to Salesforce’s high customizability and scalability, sophisticated account and contact management tools, and amazing connectors, which will also assist your startup realize its business goals.

Salesforce - Best CRM Software for Startups Overall

Key Features:

  • Scalability – Salesforce has a number of features that might help your company expand, including an intuitive user interface and a very adaptable design. The system is rapidly understood by your team, who can also add and remove tabs and panels, use email and report templates, personalize dashboards, and do many other things.
  • Quality onboarding program – The service provider makes sure you and your team have all the support you require to get the most out of Salesforce. You may learn practically anything about the tool from more than 50 online virtual and live classes, which are available 24/7. There is also 1-on-1 help available by phone, live chat, email, and other channels.
  • Convenient automations – You may work more productively by automating numerous workflow-related procedures with this CRM solution. You may automatically assign jobs, complete orders, make suggestions, edit and delete records, among many other things. Your team will be able to concentrate on what it does best — expanding your business — by getting rid of these monotonous activities.


  • A user-friendly interface and design
  • Adaptable features
  • Efficient automation
  • Modern tools for managing contacts and leads
  • Comprehensive onboarding system


  • Limited integrations

 2. Monday Sales CRM – Best Customizable Features

Powerful at managing projects’s debut into the CRM market is really impressive. Although this adaptable system includes sophisticated capabilities for lead scoring, automation, and work management, its fully customizable user interface really stands out.

Monday Sales CRM - Best Customizable Features

Key Features:

  • Easily-customizable design – You may monitor numerous business KPIs in a variety of ways with Monday Sales CRM. You may quickly add lists, dashboards, analytics tools, and more after selecting a basic view. In order to avoid tedious processes and streamline your organization, you may also quickly access a variety of automations and connections.
  • Great collaboration capabilities – The standalone task management platform can be accessed from the homepage and offers several workflow views, guest access limits, whiteboard collaborations, time tracking, formula columns, and more. You’ll be able to delegate work to your team members, follow their development, and keep tabs on every deal.
  • A wide array of integrations – This customer relationship management software for startups broadens the possibilities for your firm by easily connecting with Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, Slack, One Drive, and a ton of other well-known cloud-based platforms. Thus, they can complete a wide range of duties without ever leaving the app, thanks to your team.


  • Extremely flexible characteristics
  • Excellent tools for working together
  • Numerous integrations
  • Advanced lead capturing and scoring system
  • Free offer


  • Low-priced plans have a limited number of seats and features.

 3. HubSpot CRM – Best Free Customer Relationship Management Software for Startups

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to locate reasonably priced CRM software. HubSpot CRM, on the other hand, has what it takes to close that gap.

One of the market’s most feature-rich CRM software systems is this one. The user-friendly design, abundance of contact and workflow management tools, unrestricted access to training programs, and other features are all provided.

HubSpot CRM - Best Free Customer Relationship Management Software for Startups

Key Features:

  • Excellent training program – With a ton of free courses that have been approved by institutions, this service offers a comprehensive onboarding program. Top-notch instructors fill courses with a wealth of information that is both useful and abundant. Whatever your prior technical knowledge, you will be able to learn everything there is to know about CRM.
  • Best customer relationship management software for startups free plan – The greatest free forever package we could discover is provided by HubSpot CRM. It supports an unlimited number of users as well as one million contacts, businesses, deals, and tasks. Additionally, the platform offers over 500 add-ons, workflow templates, real-time notifications, reusable text blurbs for emails, in-app calls that you can record and manage, and more.
  • Enhanced CRM capabilities – HubSpot CRM has every feature a startup might require. It features deal dashboards that are fully customisable, email tracking and notifications, pipeline management, prospect tracking, automated deals, work delegation and scheduling, and more.


  • Free plan with inclusion
    Numerous helpful features
    Excellent onboarding program
    Thriving HubSpot community for users


  • Costly pricing strategies
  • Lower-range plans charge more for advanced features.
HubStop CRM is the ideal option if you’re seeking for the greatest free CRM for new businesses. A free onboarding process, access to the HubSpot user community, a number of contact management functions, and more are all included in the free plan.

4. Pipedrive – Best Sales CRM for Startups

Pipedrive, a sales-focused CRM firm founded in Estonia with over ten years of experience and more than 100,000 users globally, comes in second place on our list of the top CRM systems for startups.

Pipedrive distinguishes itself by integrating superior CRM capabilities with first-rate marketing and sales features.

Its beautifully created mobile apps make managing appointments, taking notes, and accounting while on the move a snap, and its extensive management capabilities, automations, and integrations make it a popular among startups in a number of industries.

Pipedrive - Best Sales CRM for Startups

Key Features:

  • Deal-driven workflow capabilities – Pipedrive provides an adaptable pipeline with a fantastic drag-and-drop user interface that makes it simple to organize your contacts and messages, follow employees’ progress in relation to certain business, record their successes and mistakes, and more.
  • Excellent mobile applications – The thorough mobile apps from Pipedrive allow you to organize events, take notes during meetings and conversations, make and track calls, and keep track of all your client information at your fingertips at all times. The best part is that many of these jobs can be completed without an internet connection, allowing you to work whenever and wherever you are.
  • Lead creation tool that can be customized – Lead generation is boosted by Pipedrive’s preprogrammed questionnaire, which gives you the ability to add or move clients to various pipelines, modify their status, add notes to their profiles, pull public information on prospects, and more with just a few clicks.


  • Simple and tidy design
  • Deal-driven approach to tasks
  • Rich mobile app features Modern lead generation tools
  • Useful sales and marketing aspects


  • Undivided list of new contacts and leads

Although managing a sales company might be difficult, our best sales customer relationship management software for startups should make it lot simpler. Pipedrive’s intuitive design and top-notch mobile apps enable you to follow the whole sales cycle from beginning to end wherever you are.


The appropriate launch fresh company can benefit greatly from CRM software. These technologies can be used to gather leads, build relationships with them, automate tedious processes, enhance workflow, and more.

As a consequence, your startup will benefit from better contact management that is organized, increased productivity and teamwork, enhanced client happiness, and increased income.

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